Top 10 Visa Consultants In Chandigarh

Top 10 Visa consultants in Chandigarh

Top 10 Visa consultants in Chandigarh – Many youngsters today aspire to study abroad. Each one of them seeks the advice of an immigration consultant since an immigration consultant is a person who assists people in relocating to another country. Additionally, that process has several legal gates related to various visa categories and legal papers. Visa specialists were crucial in providing the finest guidance and facilitating successful relocation overseas. Therefore we have brought to you a list of Top 10 Visa consultants in Chandigarh.

Top 10 Visa consultants in Chandigarh

List of Top 10 Visa consultants in Chandigarh

Your prospects of immigrating to another nation for temporary stay, employment, education, business, or permanent residence are increased by working with an immigration counselor. Consultants are well-versed in immigration rules, national regulations, and various visa kinds that improve immigration prospects. The Top 10 Visa Consultants in Chandigarh for Study Visas, Work Visas, and Permanent Residence are listed below. In conclusion, we would walk you through the list of the top immigration attorneys in Chandigarh.

1. Flytouch Overseas

One of Chandigarh’s top-ranking Visa specialists is Flytouch Overseas. The consultancy has a solid reputation as a reliable name in the immigration industry. Our primary focus is on giving prospective immigrants total immigration solutions for nations including Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, and New Zealand. By offering each applicant personalized immigration advice based on his or her country’s preference, we hope to provide prospects with the finest information possible.

Flytouch Overseas manages a professional portfolio that includes all necessary immigration application procedures, such as filling out immigration documents, submitting the required credentials, and showing up for required competence tests like the IELTS. Consultants that additionally assist customers with processing and VISA applications provide the greatest career guidance. Along with immigration training, Avenues Abroad also offers IELTS/PTE exam instruction.

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2. Spearhead Immigration Consultant

One of the top immigration consultants in Chandigarh for Study Visa and Immigration Consultancy is Spearhead. Experienced visa counselors, an SOP writer, and a visa filing officer make up Spearhead’s team. They give recommendations and options after carefully examining each student’s profile.

They offer advice and options after thoroughly examining each student’s profile. The counselors have up-to-date knowledge of the protocols, laws, and regulations of nations including Canada, New Zealand, the United States of America, and Australia.

3. The British Institute of Language & Overseas Education

Over the years, TBIL has earned a reputation as one of Chandigarh’s top immigration experts. due to its transparency and excellent track record of helping many people accomplish their overseas ambition, whether it be for immigration, education, or PR. The team is made up of people with years of expertise who are familiar with the constantly evolving immigration laws and regulations.

Their initial free consulting services allow them to comprehend the client’s needs before outlining all crucial procedural rules, such as the costs, conditions, and turnaround times.

4. Avenues Abroad Consultant in Chandigarh

A reputable immigration consulting business with headquarters in Chandigarh is Avenues Abroad. It tries to provide parents and students with top-notch professional help. Its primary commercial activities include giving students the finest career advice, helping them choose a nation, and processing their visa applications. It also specializes in offering migration services to nations like Australia and Canada. Additionally, it offers instruction focused on results for IELTS/PTE preparation.

5. West Highlander

The most dependable visa counselor in Chandigarh for Canada, Australia, and New Zealand is West Highlander. They provide free services such as counseling, admissions, and visa assistance. The West Highlander Chandigarh staff is knowledgeable and skilled in handling the study abroad procedure most effectively. The Australian High Commission, Education NZ, and Canadian Accreditation Authorities have so provided official training for study visa advising to the top staff at West Highlander. This Chandigarh immigration expert has signed the document Pastoral care for International Students. Additionally, they hold accreditations from the following organizations.

6. IDP Education

One of the biggest visa consultants in Chandigarh is IDP Study Abroad Consultants. They are a well-known name in immigration services with offices spread throughout more than 25 locations in the nation. IDP is also a co-owner of IELTS, a global standard for English proficiency that is used by many nations and organizations. They assist you with on-arrival setup, study advice, and IELTS preparation in addition to immigration consulting.

7. The Chopras Group

Another well-known name in immigration services is The Chopras ranking in the list of top 10 visa consultants in Chandigarh. They assert to serve more than 3,000,000 students annually with offices spread throughout more than ten cities in the nation. In addition to education, they are a key player in learning and investment services. It was created in 1995. With its app and cloud service for processing visas, Global (also known as The Chopras) positions itself as one of the most innovative and technologically advanced businesses in the industry.


Lt. Col. B. S. Sandhu formed the WWICS Group of Companies, one of Chandigarh’s top immigration consultancies, in 1993. (Retd.). The company offers advisory services in the fields of healthcare, sports, real estate, education, and relocation.

Over the years, WWICS has become one of the nation’s immigration consultancies with the fastest growth rates. One of the most knowledgeable and experienced groups in the industry is consultants. Its reputation as Chandigarh’s top immigration consultancy stems from its commitment to delivering an unbiased assessment of your case. We have helped a lot of immigrants fulfill their aspirations of settling in nations like (AUS/NZ/CAN/US/UK/SG/EU).

9. Canam Consultants

Another well-known immigration expert in Chandigarh is Canam Consultants. One of Chandigarh’s most well-known immigration advisors specializes in student visas. When they were first established in 1996, they only catered to students interested in studying in Canada and the United States, but as more students became interested in studying abroad in other nations, such as Ireland, Singapore, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom, they widened their scope to include these students as well.

10. Charms Immigrations

Another well-known immigration consultant in Chandigarh is Charms Education and Immigration Services. Additionally, they mostly deal with student visas for a variety of nations, including the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Germany, Singapore, Switzerland, France, and many others. One of Chandigarh’s newest immigration experts, Charms Immigration was established in 2005.

Take Away

These were therefore some of Chandigarh’s top immigration consultants. They provide a wide range of services to help you achieve your goals of higher education and a better quality of life. Every step of the way to accomplishing your objectives, Flytouch Overseas is there to support you.