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Flytouch Overseas is The Best IELTS Institute in Chandigarh

Flytouch Overseas is one of the Top names among IELTS institutes in Chandigarh that give coaching to the people to crack IELTS exam with good band scores. With our experience and expertise in study abroad programs, we bring rich abilities to help students qualify the IELTS test with an ease.

As we all know, English is the most frequently spoken language all over the world due to Great Britain’s expansion during the past times. Most of the student’s favorite international education destinations communicate in English either as primary or elective language. Therefore, everyone who wants to study abroad in reputed institute, it is foremost to get command over the language to study in live in other nation.

In India, Chandigarh is the youngest city as compared to other cities in Country. People in this city are more innovative and keen in learning beyond their own culture and country. However, it is well-known that Indian accent is much farther than foreign accent that may cause wrong communication. However, to study in a foreign nation, students need to prove that they are well familiar with their language. This is done by conducting IELTS test for checking student’s English Language proficiency.

IELTS patern:

Here at Flytouch overseas, we are providing the Coaching of Paper based IELTS.

In IELTS or paper-based IELTS, you will respond to Listings, Reading and Writing sections on a paper. Speaking Test is done face-to-face with a trained IELTS tester. Speaking test will be face-to-face with a trained IELTS Examiner, because it is the most effective way to assess your speaking skills.The overall improvement in the environment has improved the way you feel going into the test, which is incredibly important.

Academic or General Training IELTS:

Previously we have discussed about the mode of IELTS that you can choose, now we are going to tell you about the different types of IELTS like: IELTS Academic or General IELTS (IELTS-GT).

Before registering for your IELTS test, one important consideration to keep in mind is which one of these tests you will take. When deciding which test to take, there are many things to think about, including your short-term and long-term goals. Some specific things to consider include goals and aspirations related to your education, your personal situation, and your work related and professional plans.

IELTS Academic:

The IELTS academic examination is for people who apply for higher education or professional registration in English-speaking environments. It shows some of the characteristics of the academic language and evaluates whether you are ready to start study or training.

IELTS General training:

The IELTS general training test is for those who are going to English-speaking countries for secondary education, work experience or training programs. It is also a requirement for migration in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the UK. The trial focuses on the basic survival skills in the broad social and workplace contexts.

Here at Flytouch Overseas Chandigarh we offer training for both – Academic & General Modules of the IELTS test. The most effective and interesting way of learning is practiced at our centre. Our training programs are designed using the expertise and experience of British Council trained faculty with a focus on testing pattern and diversity in mindset of different students. Having separate and smart trainer for various activities, we offer personalized attention, initial evaluation, audio-visual inputs and mock test in the form of teaching methods to our students. Language labs give exposure of the real-time testing environment to the students. Other than these, we help students register for the test and choose the test centre as well as the test date. We feel delighted to handle all doubts and queries of our students. In this way, we have the most systematic approach to the best IELTS Training and producing the excellent results in Chandigarh.

Why Choose us for your IELTS preparation

Now the question arises why you should choose Flytouch overseas Instead of Other IELTS Institutes. So the answer is our facilities. Flytouch overseas is a place where you can get lots of benefits, which can help you to score high in your IELTS exam, also here we will help you to improve your skills not just to get your desired band score, but also you will feel a difference in your personality development and improvement in your confidence. The list of the benefits that you will get by joining our institute is as follows:

We have IDP and British Council certified, well experienced and qualified trainers, who can teach you in the best manner and resolve all your doubts and queries calmly.

The facility of multimedia classes and intensive study material can improve your experience and skills.

Student satisfaction is our main motto, and with this motto, we want to provide you services that will pay off. This is the only reason that we have 4 hours of class every day in which you will cover all the modules twice on a daily basis.

Apart from this there are lots more facilities like: personalized attention, one to one Speaking, special foundation classes for week students, air conditioned classrooms, advanced listening lab, every week master classes, every Saturday mock test, etc.

Besides these benefits, you may want to know that Flytouch Overseas now also provides IELTS for UKVI coaching, especially devised for UK Student Visa. Not only this, if you think that considering the number of benefits, the fees of IELTS coaching would be much, you will be glad to know that it is both affordable and economical.

Head Office :- CHANDIGARH

 Flytouch Overseas: SCO 85-86 Basement, Sector 34-A Chandigarh

+91- 9041904194

Some questions arise in the minds of aspirants before opting classes for IELTS :

Before taking any big step, everyone has many questions that may come across in their mind. It is crucial to get answers to all these questions before proceeding further. And moving to another country is a big stride. But dear aspirants no need to worry, we have all the responses to your queries that pop-up in your minds. Some vital are:

1. What is IELTS?

IELTS is the acronym of International English Language Testing System. It is an international level English language test which is mandatory for the people who want to migrate or study abroad.

2. What is the IELTS test format with sectional duration?

The IELTS exam is divided into four sections: listening time in ielts 40 minutes, reading time in IELTS 60 minutes, writing time in IELTS 60 minutes and speaking time in ielts 11-14 minutes. The total time for the test is 2 hours 45 minutes.

3. How is the IELTS test conducted?

The IELTS test is conducted in two ways: Paper based and CD-IELTS (Computer delivered IELTS).

4. Who is eligible to appear in the IELTS exam?

The minimum age requirement for IELTS exam is 16 years. But it is highly recommended to attempt the test at 18 because of maturity level. However, age should not be below 16 as that age is tender, candidates cannot think so deeply which is required to write the exam.

5. When is the IELTS conducted?

As we all know the IELTS test is of two types: IELTS Academics and IELTS GT. IELTS Academics is conducted four times in a month and IELTS GT is conducted two times.

6. How is the IELTS test conducted?

The IELTS test format has four sections: Listening, reading, writing and speaking. Three sections are conducted at the same day (Listening, Writing and Reading) and Speaking is conducted either prior or in the following week after the written exam.

7. What is IELTS UKVI?

IELTS UKVI is for aspirants who want to migrate to the UK. There is no difference in test format if we talk about its content and scoring pattern. The thing which makes it different is that it is approved by the UK Home office for work or study.