Top 10 Visa & Immigration Consultants In Kurukshetra

Top 10 Visa & Immigration Consultants In Kurukshetra – In Haryana; Kurukshetra is a vibrant city with a rich culture. While everyone is aware of how important it is to further one’s education internationally, students in Kurukshetra also aim to attend top-tier foreign colleges. They always seek out a trustworthy source to assist them in submitting a successful visa application. If you’ve decided to study abroad and are eager to learn about other cultures, you can learn more about the top 10 visa and immigration experts in Kurukshetra here.

List Of Top Visa And Immigration Consultants In Kurukshetra

A skilled visa specialist respects your time, and his in-depth expertise helps you in the appropriate direction. He makes the entire procedure less complicated by offering essential information that is needed, from compiling paperwork to the embassy interview. As a result, we examined the work histories and track records of at least 100 visa businesses in Kurukshetra to create a list of the top leading visa and immigration counselors.

1. Flytouch Overseas

Flytouch Overseas is the one-stop solution for all your international study and Coaching needs. Their primary focus is to mentor you toward the best decision when it comes to attending an international school. They offer information about higher education in several nations, including Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the USA. They have a professional mastery of the global education system.

Flytouch Overseas provides precise & thorough assistance regarding international education. This accredited visa consultant is well-established in the Himachal, Haryana, Punjab, and Chandigarh regions. They have achieved a 97% success rate for their visa application because of their persistent efforts.

Flytouch Overseas collaborates closely with several organizations, high commissions, and educational authorities in addition to having a large portfolio of reputable international institutions. Flytouch Overseas is one of India’s Leading visa and immigration consultants in Kurukshetra.

Contact Details

Name: Flytouch Overseas

Address: SCO 118-120, Basement, Sector 34-A Chandigarh

Phone Number: +91- 904190419, +91 – 9872097978

2. Paridhi Group International

In Kurukshetra, Paridhi Group International is the top immigration advisor. They assist you with all the paperwork and formalities required for your applications for citizenship and residence. With the assistance of their wide network of well-vetted and dependable partners, they have a team of skilled specialists that have successfully assisted numerous immigrants.

All of your immigration needs are met by the immigration consultancy company Paridhi Group International. They provide you with several services, such as residence programs, legal services, and citizenship by investment. The only care about only thing they care about is making their clients’ wishes come true, so you may think of them as your team.

3. I-Win Consultants

I-Win Visa Consultants is a forerunner in Kurukshetra when it comes to IELTS and PTE preparation as well as visa counseling services. Their objective is to offer a fantastic alternative to international schooling. To widen your horizons, we provide immigration and foreign academic services. They provide the best advice and provide students with precise information about visa requirements and procedures. Our faculty members have strong academic credentials and are knowledgeable in each IELTS and PTE module, which is available to students.

4. Study World

Kurukshetra’s Study World is a well-known visa consulting company that has been offering a one-stop shop for all of your international study needs. They are connected to reputable organizations in the USA, Canada, Australia, the UK, and New Zealand. Their primary area of expertise is helping students choose the best courses and institutions of higher learning throughout the world to further their education.

5. Leon International Immigration Consultants

To give you a great platform for job seekers, Indian and foreign employers, and foreign institutions and universities, LEOM International works hard. They are the one-stop shop for you if you need a job consultant or an education consultant. Having been conceived in 2015, they have since been on the path to many successes with the highest success rate in the sector.

6. Cliff Education And Immigration Pvt. Ltd

Cliff Education and Immigration was first established as a partner organization in 2016, but the founders recognized a chance to expand internationally and decided to change the organization’s status to a Pvt Ltd firm in 2021. Their staff members are highly qualified, skilled, and trained in the most modern, secure methods available. In Kurukshetra, it is located just across from the New Bus Stand.

7. Hope Immigration & Consultancy

Individuals, families, and businesses can get assistance from Hope Immigration and Consultancy in navigating the difficulties of Canadian immigration. Their immigration specialists are readily available to address any queries or worries and provide prompt responses. They take pleasure in offering every client they work with top-notch customer service.

8. The Emigrants

The Emigrants are Kurukshetra’s top source for advice on student visas. Their immigration consultants always provide students with the best and most honest advice. They are among the top providers of immigration and overseas education consulting services. They want to assist students in selecting the best program and location for their needs in terms of educational requirements, career aspirations, and qualifications.

9. Transformer Immigration

Kurukshetra is a specialty of Transformers Immigration and Education Consultants. They have been offering consultation services for parent’s visas, study visas for Australia and Canada, tourist visas, and dependent spouse and spouse visas.

Transformer Immigration offers support to people and families who want to move, study, or settle overseas. They offer immigration services as well as online IELTS coaching, spoken English, personality development, and interview preparation sessions at your convenience.

10. Stepsmith Immigration

The fastest-growing immigration service provider and immigration consultant is Stepsmith Immigration Services Pvt Ltd. It specializes in offering high-quality immigration services to individuals, families, and business clients that want to build a successful future abroad. They value developing close bonds with their customers. Because of this, they are recognized as one of the best visa experts in Kurukshetra, Delhi-NCR, and key north Indian towns.


Due to the prospect of a more robust future and achievable employment opportunities, most students wish to study overseas. However, the visa submission technique becomes burdensome for students and their parents without competent supervision. They are frequently given false hope, wasting their time and money. Our main goal in writing this post is to provide you with accurate counsel and point you in the direction of the top Visa & immigration consultants in Kurukshetra.

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