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Study in UK Without IELTS and PTE 2024

UK Student Visa Guide 2024 : Fees, Process, Requirement, Eligibility

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How can I get PR after Study UK?

Permanent residency, or PR, refers to indefinite leave to remain in the UK (ILR). After the expiration of the PSW (UK post-study work visa) which is usually valid for 2 years. If you plan longer in the UK need to apply for a skilled work visa or general work visa (Tier 2 visa) or any other relevant visa.

For a tier 2 visa according to the government of UK you need to have a offer letter from the employer and an income of £25,600 per year (INR 2,586,160 per year) or £10.10 per hour (INR 1,020 per hour)  whichever is higher to be eligible for tier 2 visa.

Other conditions:

  • You have secured a job from the list of approved employers by the Home Office.
  • You will have to take the “Life in the UK Test” if you age between 18 and 64 years.
  • You have to fulfill the English language requirements of the UK.

How many intakes are there in UK?

Most of the UK universities offer two important intakes in January and September but a certain universities may also intake students in May to offer an alternative opportunity in case you missed in the above two months.

The below mentioned table shows the details with respect to September, January and May intake .

Terms Intake Duration Applications Open
Term 1 September Intake/Fall Intake September-December December-July
Term 2 January Intake/Winter Intake January-April September-November
Term 3 May Intake/Spring Intake May-August October-November


Can I Work on a UK Student Visa?

After the approval of your student visa you can work in UK but within the specified requirements and rules specified by the UK government.

The UK Student visa requirements and rules are:

  • You can work up to 20 hours per week during University term time.
  • Full-time during vacation periods.
  • Full-time during term time if on a work placement that is an important and assessed part of the course – any work placement should not be longer than 50% of the total course length unless specified by the UK government exemption standards.
  • As a student union sabbatical officer with a limit of to two years.
  • If you hold a Student visa for a part time course you can’t take any jobs (paid or unpaid).

Is UK PR difficult?

It can be difficult to obtain PR (Permanent residency) in the UK as there are many eligibility requirements and can take up to 6 months for approval from the home office, however, many requirements are similar to that for work visas, so if you’ve already gone through the process of applying for a visa, it can be a comparatively easier process for you.

Which degree is best for PR in UK?

These are the degrees which are in the most demand with respect to the Shortest Occupation list. Shortest Occupation list shows that these courses can help you secure a work visa and then can help you get a PR more easily in the UK:

  • Medicine
  • Nutrition and Physiotherapy
  • Engineering
  • Teaching
  • Architecture
  • Business and Management

Is it difficult to settle in UK?

Getting Right Visa approval can be the most complicated and time consuming and a costly process as each Visa have different requirements and follow a different procedure. You need to carefully submit paperwork, fees and other documents accordingly. This can be a complicated process for a layman so it is better to contact experts at the subject to avoid any mistakes. At Fly Touch Overseas the experts can help see through your application which can help you eliminate chances of visa disapproval.

Which intake in UK is best?

The primary intake with the highest number of students acceptance rate is held in September. The second most preferred option by the students is the January Intake, which offers relatively limited courses. May intake which is the last intake has a fewer university and course options and is the least popular option among all UK intakes.

How much does a student visa to the UK Cost?

The current fee for a UK Student Visa is £490 (~Rs.51, 688.14/-) if you apply outside of the UK or if you extend or switch to a student visa from inside the UK. You’ll also need to pay a healthcare surcharge annually to access the National Health Service while you stay in the UK. This is an additional annual cost of £470 (~Rs. 49578.42/-).

What is the deadline for fall 2024 in UK?

The application window for the fall Intake usually starts in September and ends in November. The Deadline set for the undergrad courses is 31st January 2024 and for the postgraduate courses the deadline may vary.

What is the Full Form of VISA?

Visa is defined as Visitors International Stay Admission. A Visa refers to a permit to enter a particular country. Without a visa, you might not be able to travel to the country as you want.

How much can a student earn in UK?

According to the national minimum wage (NMW) set by the UK government  the minimum wage to be paid legally by the government to the UK Employees irrespective if they are UK resident or not .

The NMW as of April 2023 is:

  • For workers 23 and over (known as the National Living Wage)= £10.42 per hour
  • For workers 21 – 22 of age = £10.18 per hour
  • For workers for 18 – 20 =  £7.49 per hour

How much of a gap is acceptable for study in the UK?

In the UK, a maximum two year gap is permitted after completing your high school education but you need a higher IELTS score and you need to justify the gap for pursuing your undergraduate studies

For the postgraduate universities is permit a  maximum gap of 5 after you have completed your graduation.

Is SOP required for UK Student visa?

Yes SOP is essential for the UK student visa process. SOP refers to statement of purpose. SOP reflects your purpose and intent of joining a course and a university. It also gives university an idea about your educational and work background and helps convince universities about your seriousness about your course.

What is the UK 7 year rule visa UK?

The new private immigration policy introduces by the UK Government in 2022 now allows children and young adults to gain settlement faster than the normal 10 year rule that applies to children

The following rules now apply:

  • Child who was born in the UK 7-year route: a person who was born in the UK can apply for settlement (ILR) right after he has lived in the UK for 7 years.
  • Child who came and lived in the UK 7-year route: a person who came to the UK as a child has been continuously residing in the UK for 7 years and  has gained permission to remain based on their private life can now apply for settlement after 5 years. Young adults between 18 and 25 years who arrived in the UK as children must have spent half of their life in the UK.

Is the UK Cancelling PSW in 2024?

No, the UK is not removing the PSW for the students. What they have restricted is now allowing the students on a post study work visa to switch to a skilled worker visa. This has further limited the scope for students to stay in the UK for the extended period.

How much balance is required for a UK student visa?

A minimum balance of 20 Lac INR is required to apply for the UK student Visa. For further details you can contact us at Fly Touch Overseas.

Whose bank statement is required for a UK Student Visa?

Bank statements for your student application should be either in your name or your parent’s name/guardian’s name. If you have a joint account it should have yours or your parents/guardian name as well in it.

What is the success rate for the UK Visa 2024?

We in Fly Touch Overseas have a success rate of 95% for the UK visa Process. We can help you maximize your chances abroad.