Canada Tourist Visa From India

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Canada Tourist Visa From IndiaAre you planning a journey to Canada from India and feeling submerged by the Canada tourist visa process? Do not worry! This extensive guide will walk you through everything you are required to know about the Canada Tourist Visa from India.

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Let’s have a look at the details of the Canada tourist visa application process and save you the stress, so you can concentrate on planning the final Canadian adventure instead of stressing about the paperwork.

Why apply for a Canada Tourist Visa?

  • Canada ranks the second position as the largest in the world
  • The country’s lakes and rivers comprise 20% of fresh water on earth
  • Lots of Wildlife and has approximately 41 National parks
  • Has Black-Blue lakes
  • Top mountains with a height of about 1200 meters

Types of Canada Tourist Visa

Single Entry Visa

A single Entry visa will permit you to visit the country only once for a duration of six months. Foreign Nationals can only get in once with a Single Entry visa.

Multiple Entry Visa

A multiple Entry visa will permit you to visit the country a lot of times for a period of 3 to 6 months until the visa is sustainable. With this visa, you can go around Canada for vacation and tourism, but you cannot work.

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Advantages of Tourist Visa of Canada

  • Can stay for a duration of 6 months
  • Eligible to travel throughout Canada with a tourist visa
  • You can take your kids and dependents along with you

Eligibility for a Canada Tourist Visa

  • Enough funds are needed to cover the trip
  • There should not be any criminal records and must abide by all Canadian laws
  • Medical records are important
  • Original documents and appointment letters from sponsors.
  • Temporary resident visa (Only in certain Countries)
  • Travel Insurance

Requirements for a Canada Visit Visa

  • Valid passport with an expiry date
  • Recent photographs
  • Proof of funds to stay in Canada
  • Bank statements (past six months)
  • Medical test results
  • A letter of invitation
  • Source of income description.
  • Flight details

How to apply for a Canada Visit Visa?

  • Step 1: Apply online and fill the Canada Visit Visa application form.
  • Step 2:Give your fingerprint and Photo
  • Step 3:Submit all the documents
  • Step 4: Pay the fees.
  • Step 5: Make an appointment to submit the form.
  • Step 6: If eligibility criteria are met, you will get a Canada tourist visa.

Canada Tourist Visa Processing time

Single Entry Visa 8 to 40 days
Multiple Entry Visa 8 to 40 days

 Canada Visit Visa Fee

Type of visa Duration Pricing
Standard Single Entry Visa 3 months AUD 145
Multiple Entry Visa 3 months AUD 365
Multiple Entry Visa 6 months AUD 555
Multiple Entry Visa 12 months AUD 1,065

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