Is Singapore visa easy to get?

Is Singapore visa easy to get?

Is Singapore visa easy to get?

The Visa Process takes around 3-5 working days after the visa application submission. The 3-5 days doesn’t include weekends or any official holiday. It is advised by the Singapore Visa authority to apply at least 30 days prior to your travel to Singapore. 


  • Complete Application form
  • Recent passport size photo taken in last 3 months
  • Photocopy of your passport information page

Singapore Visa Types

Singapore offers 3 types of Visa’s:

Types Description Validity
Tourist Visa The purpose of this Visa is for travelling purpose only You can  stay in Singapore for 30 days
Student Visa This visa is issued for study courses offered by Singapore the courses and degrees usually range from 6 months to 5 years Is valid for the entire duration of the course and has a maximum time frame of 4 years for undergraduate courses
Business Visa If you wish to stay in Singapore for work or Business purposes you need to apply for Business Visa The visa is valid for 2 years and you can stay in Singapore for only 30 days


The Student and Business Visa are further divided into further categories which are:

Student Visa

Student visa which is usually issued as called as the study permit can be further divided into 2 categories on the basis of duration and the type of course you wish to pursue


Type Duration
Short term pass It usually is for about 3 months and is issued for short term diploma courses
Long term pass it is usually offered for long time courses like graduation and masters.




Type of Pass Requirement
Training Employment Pass Foreign professionals earning at least SGD 3000 pm and undergoing practical training in Singapore
Work Holiday Pass Students/Graduates in the age group of 18 and 25 years intending to work and holiday in Singapore
Training Work Permit Students/ semi-skilled trainees undergoing practical training for up to six months

Business Visa

The business visa can be categorised into 5 types:

Type Description Validity

Employment Pass Scheme

It is a pass to senior level executives who wish to work in Singapore. They require a strong company sponsor who genuinely wishes to hire them. Valid for 1-2 years

Personalised Employment Pass (PEP) Scheme

This visa type is usually for people with high incomes who wish to explore career opportunities and don’t have a company sponsor. Valid for 3 years

S-Pass Scheme

It is issued for mid-level skilled foreign executive or technical who have a company sponsor and meet the minimum salary requirements. Valid for 2 years

The Entrepass or Entrepreneur Pass Scheme

This type of visa is issue to people who are innovative and are interested in opening a new business in Singapore. They need to certain conditions for eligibility of Visa. Valid for 1 year

Singapore Work Permit

It is issued for semi-skilled workers and has no minimum salary requirements. Valid for 2 years



No if you fulfil all the necessary forms and submit the necessary documents with the help of our experts at Fly Touch Overseas getting Singapore Visa can be a very simple and smooth process.


Do Indians get Singapore Visa Easily?

Indians are required to apply and obtain Singapore Visa for the purpose they wish to visit Singapore but this process has been made easier and time friendly. 

You just need to this simple process for Visa application:

  • Visit or Call us at Fly Touch Overseas
  • Submit your documents including your passport, recent photograph and other documents 
  • Visa process begins
  • Visa approval


How much bank Balance is required for Singapore Visa?

According to the Singapore government a minimum of Rs 50,000 is required in your bank account.