FAQs About UK Study Visa

FAQs About UK Study Visa

Read the Latest and Updated FAQs About UK Study Visa or UK Student Visa as per new UK Rules 2024

Is IELTS required for UK?

Having a good IELTS score can be a added bonus with respect to your visa application but certain universities offer courses without IELTS helping students pursue their education in UK more easily.

You can pursue further education In UK if you meet the following requirements:

  • High School Education in English: Certain UK universities consider your high school Score in English. If you have scored above 70 in your 12th English Language you can be granted admission in UK College as the score acts as proof of your English language proficiency.
  • Foundational Courses/programs: A lot of universities offer a foundational course with respect to the degree. Attending a foundational course before the actual course can help students prove their English Language  proficiency
  • Online Interview:A lot of UK universities conduct interviews before offering the admission letter. The Online interviews can help universities asses your language skills which can help you get admission without IELTS.


Who can sponsor you to study in UK?

The following people/Institutions can sponsor your study in the UK:

  • A University: the university you are going to study may sponsor your education through scholarships They may provide you with CAS
  • Financial Supporter: Financial supporters’ such as your parents, relatives, government or an international company may sponsor your stay and education tuition fees while you are pursuing your education in UK.

Can I go UK with 5.5 Bands?

YES, while most of the universities accept a minimum required score 6 with respect to ILETS there are certain universities which accept 5.5 band for the admission process. Here is the list of top 5 universities which accept 5.5 bands:

  • University of Sussex
  • University of Leeds
  • University of Dundee
  • University of East Anglia
  • Queen Mary University of London


Can I go UK with 4.5 Bands?

Most of the universities in UK have minimum requirement of a 6-band score in IELTS. Students can consider these alternative pathways available for students who don’t meet the English language requirements with respect to the UK standard:

  • You can consider pursuing a foundation program offered by a number of universities, which can help you improve your language skills and help you meet requirements for your desired program.
  • Pre-sessional English course: A lot of universities offer pre-sessional English Course which can help students fulfil the required English proficiency.
  • Alternative Examination; There are certain alternative examinations such as INTO English Language Assessment (IELA), GCSE/O-Level in English from a UK certifying body, Oxford ELLT.

For further details about the other alternative’s contact Fly Touch Overseas – Best UK Visa Consultants in Chandigarh


Can I go to London without IELTS?

Having a good IELTS score can be a added bonus with respect to your visa application but certain universities offer courses without IELTS helping students pursue their education in London more easily.

  • You can pursue further education In London if you meet the following requirements:
  • Pursuing your graduation in English
  • High school education in English with the score above 70 in English
  • Online interview
  • Foundational course offered by UK universities
  • Pursuing your graduation in English
  • Alternative examinations

Some of the London universities which accept students without IELTS are:

  • London Southbank University
  • Imperial College London
  • University of London


Can parents be sponsored in UK?       

To bring family members to the UK, you as their sponsor need to meet certain eligibility requirements. Being their sponsor does not mean meeting financial costs for their application or their time of stay in UK, but you will support their application with necessary documents.

The sponsor must have either:

  • Irish or British citizenship
  • Protected status
  • Turkish Businessperson or work visa
  • Indefinite leave to remain (ILR) which is also known as settled status or permanent residency.

Can a student invite someone to UK?

Yes, but as a student on study Visa, you can bring your close family to the UK, but the application should be as your dependents, not with the family visa. You can apply for visitors Visa for your close family visit to UK.

Documents the visitor needs to provide are:

  • The online application form
  • Passport
  • The fee which is around £115 in local currency.
  • Bank statements to prove visitors can pay for their trip. Proofs of their current employment or studies.
  • Proof that they plan to leave the UK at the end of their visit.

Documents you need to provide:

  • Your original enrolment letter from your School Administration.
  • A letter addressed to the embassy in question. The letter must have:
  • formally invite your friend or relative to stay
  • confirm you’d like your friend or relative to visit you in your university
  • include the dates of their arrival and leave
  • mention if they’ll be staying in your student accommodation, and details of your financial statements if you are going to support them while they are staying in UK
  • A photocopy of your passport, showing your personal details, your visa and financial details if you aim to support them throughout their stay.


Can my sister sponsor me to study in UK?

Anyone can sponsor your education in UK as long as the funds are available in your or your parents accounts. If your sister plans to sponsor you she can transfer the funds to your or your parents’ account.

Can I Apply for UK Visa myself?

Yes, you can apply and pay for most visas online and by yourself.

When to apply

The earliest you can apply normally for a UK visa is:

  • 3 months before your planned travel to UK for visitor/tourist visas.
  • 3 months before for your Job begins.
  • 6 months before for your Student Visa.

How long it takes for Visa Decision?

Duration of your visa approval normally depends on the type of the Visa you have applied for, the application form and from where you all.


There is a visa fees and the fee depends on which visa you apply for.

Healthcare Cost

You’ll need to pay the health cost as part of your application process, if you’re:

  • Don’t plan to live in permanently in the UK
  • If you are applying for a visa for work, study or join your family
  • If you are applying to stay for more than 6 months

Is It hard to get UK Visa?

The application process can be stressful and complicated process which can be hard for many but as long as you submit the application documents, your identity and financial proofs correctly it can be a fairly simple process.

Is UK Student Visa easy to get?

The Rejection Rate of UK Student Visa is Between 4% to 5%, the UK Student Visa Rejection rate for 2023 has been on the lower side and most of the applications have been accepted.


What if CAS is rejected?

If your visa application is declined, you’ll require a new CAS number. However, if your application is deemed invalid (such as due to missing information) or if you withdraw and reapply, a new CAS number isn’t necessary.


What if UK student visa is rejected?

Fly Touch Overseas Team of Visa Experts will assess your refusal and advise you accordingly. If the refusal is correct and justified then you may be able to reapply, from India. However, this will only be permitted once it has been confirmed that you can meet the UK Student Visa Requirements for New Application.


How much IELTS score required for UK Student Visa?

If you plan to do graduation and post-graduation, you will need a 6.0 overall and 5.5 in every IELTS section. For any other type of Visa Categories, Such as Work Visas, The English language proficiency requirement may vary based on the specific visa route and the Job’s skill level.


Is CAS interview compulsory?

No, a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) interview is not compulsory as part of the UK’s student visa application process.


What is the full form of CAS?

The Full Form of CAS is Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies.


Can CAS be refunded?

Yes, CAS will be refunded if you have valid reasons, CAS deposit will not be refunded to you under the following situations: if you are found to have any omitted signification information, misleading and false statements, or provided plagiarised and fraudulent information at any time during the admission process or Student Visa Application Process.


How can I avoid UK Visa Refusal?

if you want to avoid UK Visa Refusal you need to ensure that all the information and documents are error free, verified and tested documents, also all the details is correct while apply for UK Visa Application Process.


Is tuition fee refundable if visa rejected?

Yes, Tuition fee is 100% refundable if visa refused, but candidate have to inform to their college or University ASAP or as per Refund policy of College or University.

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