Immigration Consultants in Panchkula

Immigration Consultants in Panchkula – Panchkula, in Haryana, is a highly developed city. For employment or academic reasons, many Panchkula residents want to move abroad. Therefore, We’ll talk about Immigration consultants in Panchkula in this article.

To transfer from one nation to another for purposes such as studying abroad, traveling, or doing business, immigration experts assist. They will be helping you with the legal paperwork procedure. Moreover, to become certified as an immigration adviser and provide you most reliable services, they have achieved diploma certification as well.

List of Immigration Consultants in Panchkula

In this blog, we will discuss the Best Immigration Consultants in Panchkula. The consultants on this list are highly knowledgeable, capable, and approachable to the general public. Check out the list below.

1 Flytouch Overseas

Flytouch Overseas is one of the top leading immigration experts in Panchkula. We deliver you the most promising Immigration and Education Consultancy with a 100% success rate. Our experience and experience in the industry for more than a decade has established a firm foothold in the market. Thus, we offer a diverse and extensive range of services to our clients.

Flytouch Overseas has employed knowledgeable and highly professional consultants on staff that will only provide you with accurate information on ILETS training, PR for Canada, or study visas for Canada, the US, the UK, Australia, and Newzealand. We have in-depth knowledge of legal requirements and the different types of documents required for immigration.

Our competency to resolve all immigration-related problems has helped thousands of aspirants to relocate overseas. Therefore, if you intend to migrate abroad, get in touch with us first and follow their instructions. We also inform you of the financial requirements for applying for immigration. If you are unable to manage things, competent staff is in charge to support you.

Services List:

  • Providing guidance on obtaining permanent residence in Canada
  • Study visas for Australia, Canada, and New Zealand
  • Travel Permit.
  • Visas for parents and dependent spouses
  • Excellent IELTS coaching sessions (online)
  • Online spoken English training sessions
  • Personality development sessions

Contact Details

Name: Flytouch Overseas

Address: SCO 85-86 Basement, Sector 34-A Chandigarh

Phone Number: +91- 904190419

2 Lavanya Student Visa & Consultancy

Lavanya Student Visa & Consultancy is a popular immigration consultant in Panchkula. The business was established in 2014. But now it is registered with Delhi’s business registry. This company has eight or nine years of experience operating in this market. They also have a lot of experience in this field. When choosing consultants for their staff, they are skilled.

They are incredibly professional and pay special attention to every aspect when selecting a consultant for their company. They must select a consultant who is educated and has a degree. He should speak English and other languages with ease. They have an in-depth understanding of immigration laws. A consultant is only qualified to help others when he is well-informed about immigration.

Services List:

  • Instructions for Visa Support
  • IELTS training
  • Training Facilities for IELTS Education Consultants
  • Online passport service
  • Help with student visas
  • Advisors for international education

Address: SCO No. – 81, 2nd Floor, SEC – 10, Panchkula 134117.

3 Canada Visa Counsel

This Canadian Counsel is one of the Top immigration consultants in Panchkula. Their objective is to successfully execute and complete the immigration process for their clients. We offer assistance with study visas for students who are studying abroad. Canada is one of the top countries in the world where people want to live and work.

Moving to Canada, where everything is better, including the economy and way of life, is the best opportunity in life. Most people in Canada have some form of education. The lowest crime rate is due to Canada having the strongest law and order system in the world. As a result, it offers security. Thousands of immigrants arrive in Canada each month.

Service List:

  • Visa counsel offers the most trusted, honest, and efficient legal advice.
  • The agents charge reasonable charges and have legal qualifications.
  • They are Quebec Bar Association members.

Address: SCO – 74, 2nd Floor, SEC – 7, Panchkula, Haryana – 134109.

Agam Immigration Consultants

As their name reveals that Agam is a well-established Immigration consultant in Panchkula. This consultancy firm was founded in 2010. They have 15 years of experience in this area of immigration. In the field of immigration consultants, they offer a variety of services, which are listing below.

  • Student/Visa and Work Permit Applications, as well as Educational and Career Guidance
  • The HR & Placement – Local Employees and Job Seekers, International Job Seekers Providing Us the Tour and Travel – Air Ticketing (All Countries), Tourist Visa
  • Event Planning and Paid Events

Address: Mansa Devi Complex, DSS – 113, SEC – 5, Panchkula, Haryana 134114.

Frequently Asked Questions about Immigration consultants in Panchkula

Q1: How may Panchkula Immigration Consultants assist us?

There are numerous immigration consulting firms operating in Panchkula that offer their services to locals. They will assist you in protecting your time and avoiding blunders that you might make. The advisors are knowledgeable in all aspects of immigration, including all rules and regulations.

Q2: How to find the Best Consultant in Panchkula?

The important qualities that an immigration consultant in Panchkula needs to possess are listed below.

  1. They must be fully aware of the demand for expertise in the targeted countries.
  2. To better assist clients, the team at an immigration agency should possess a higher level of knowledge and comprehension.

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