Canada PR Consultants In Ahmedabad

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Canada PR Consultants In Ahmedabad – Permanent residency is one of the most in-demand services for which people are consulting these days. Being in Visa consultancy and PR consultancy for decades, we have never seen a huge surge in PR aspiring individuals. The majority of individuals are from Punjab, Ahmedabad, and Rajasthan.

Applying for the PR is a tough process as it requires expert advice. It looks easy but mistakes happen when we do things on our own. Flytouch Overseas has been the best PR consultancy in Ahmedabad and provides the best facilities to apply for PR in Canada. We will have a look at the key steps we need to follow to apply for PR in Canada and look at some of the services offered by Flytouch Overseas

Key Features To Apply For PR In Canada

If you want to apply for your PR in Canada, we always suggest taking the help or guidance of an experienced consultancy who has experience in PR and other immigration-related services.

Steps To Apply

  • The first and foremost step is to decide about the reason you want to move. If you want to apply for PR from India or want to go there and study and then apply for PR.
  • Once you have decided this the next step is to find the program through which you want to apply for your PR.
  • The government of canada has started many programs for the PR aspirants. find the program under which you are eligible and start applying for the PR.
  • Some of the programs are express entry, trade programs, etc.
  • When you choose a program make a profile on the official website of govt of Canada.
  • The government of Canada has set some criteria for applying candidates related to certificates and educational qualifications.
  • Get your certificates assessed by the agency because they have updated knowledge related to the policies.
  • Your qualifications have a significant impact on determining how many PR points you receive.
  • Having work experience, whether it be domestically or abroad, is advantageous when applying for permanent residence.
  • Additionally, depending on the nature of the work, certain jobs in Canada provide early and simple PR due to high demand in that specific industry.
  • The test of English proficiency is also very important. Receiving grades that fall below the government-established threshold will help your file be accepted.
  • The Canadian government will next review your profile; if they find it suitable, you will receive an application invitation. 
  • We’re getting closer to the end now.
  • Apply for a PR card and once your application is accepted then you can book the flight tickets and can fly to another country. 

Why Choose Flytouch Overseas ?

Flytouch Overseas has a decade of experience when it comes to PR consultancies for Canada. They have been the preferred choice for all immigrants who aspire to go to Canada. The experienced working staff has worked previously in the immigration services. All the staff, and counselors are certified officers. They offer various services like one-to-one counseling, proper guidance to choose the best entry program, and many other services. To properly access the educational certificates they have a dedicated certificate expert who knows all the latest policies and criteria set by the govt of Canada. Flytouch has become the topmost choice because of the results they have shown. The company has provided successful visas and PR to almost 3000+ aspirants and the list is ever-increasing.

Flytouch Overseas – PR Consultancy That Turns Dreams Into Reality

  • IELTS is also one of the most crucial factors which decide the PR points. Because you are applying for another country then English is the top priority. The only way to communicate is through English and it should be on point. Our team of specialized IELTS tutors with experience provides coaching and special tricks to effectively clear the exam with flying colors.
  • They have ties with 200+ universities and colleges and provide early offer letters. Also, have services where they help in finding a proper job according to the educational qualifications.
  • There are various steps where it gets technical and requires expert guidance. Filling out the form or uploading the documents requires proper guidance with accuracy.
  • They properly converse with the aspirant as to what they want and then guide them about the best possible way to apply for Canada PR.
  • Other services like pre-departure and post-departure help are also provided so that customers do not have to think or fear the arrangements after landing in a new country.
  • They have been the best choice for PR consultancy in Ahmedabad and all over the country. The results they have shown, attract all the aspirants, and the services they provide are very unique.
  • Proper guidance is very important and one should choose Flytouch as their guidance so that they can effectively reach their end goal.


Asking for assistance when one is unsure about a particular topic is never harmful. We’ve all had to work hard to earn our money to come to Canada and settle down. If we receive the right guidance at every stage of life, our chances of success are higher. We need a mentor who can help us through difficult times. to effectively obtain Canadian permanent residence. Flytouch Overseas is that mentor that leads and assists us until we accomplish our objective. The Ahmedabad city is home to their offices. Both in-person visits and phone calls can be made at +91-9041904194, the customer helpline number.