How To Get PR In Canada From India

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How To Get PR In Canada From India – Every year thousands of people leave their homeland in search of another place to live their life. Everyone has their reasons and other countries also see this migration as an opportunity and growth for their own country. Canada in recent years  have happily accepted indian immigrants and have considered them as thier own.

To easily settle down in another country, one must navigate the migration process with utmost safety, as it has always been a dark web that needs to be crossed.. Fly Touch Overseas has been working for more than 10 years and has successfully helped thousands of aspirants and individuals to get PR(permanent residency) in Canada. In this blog, we will slightly touch upon the procedure and requirements to get PR in Canada. 

Steps to follow to get PR in Canada From India

We all know that it is the steps that matter to get the end goal. Accurately following the steps is necessary to obtain Permanent Residency (PR) in Canada.

Part 1

  • The first step is to choose the program through which you will apply your application. There are different programs available and one can choose from them. 
  • You can choose according to your qualifications, age, and other criteria.
  • Almost every person chooses the express entry program for immigration.
  • The second step is to pass the English test to check your ability with the English language. One has to appear in an IELTS test and need to clear that.
  • Flytouch Overseas is the best IELTS coaching institute in Tricity and has a success rate of 99%
  • The next step is where you need to assess your educational certificates. Properly checking the certificates according to the standards set by the Canadian government is important.
  • When you are applying through the Express entry then it is most required
  • Flytouch Overseas provides you with a hassle-free platform and helps you to create your file with the help of experienced professionals.

Part 2

  • You have to provide your certificates, work experience, IELTS score, and other important details, and the Flytouch professionals will handle all the work.
  • The next step involves a ranking system assisting the profile, and based on that, you are awarded points. The profile with the highest points will be selected, and the chance to apply for PR will be given.
  • If your profile gets the invitation to apply then you have to fill in all the necessary details.
  • all the information entered should be correct and a certain time-specific window is given to complete the profile.
  • You are required to submit all the documents you have been asked for.
  • Flytouch overseas helps you to fill your ITA with accuracy and will provide you with professional guidance.
  • The next step is where the government of Canada will go through your profile and check your background.
  • Criminal records and other important factors that need consideration before approving and giving the green signal to your profile will be checked by them.
  • When you pass the check, you are now eligible for the PR.
  • The next step is where you will have to book your tickets and fly to the country before the date mentioned on the confirmation letter of permanent residence.
  • When you land in the country then you can get help from the embassy people to settle down and also you can take advantage of all the perks associated with becoming a permanent member of Canada.

Flytouch Overseas

Guidance is the most important thing one can get to achieve their goals. To reach your goals, Fly touch is that helping hand that you can hold and get to your dreams. All the above-mentioned steps are difficult and need the assistance of an immigration expert. Flytouch Overseas has experienced staff who have been working in providing PR to people for more than a decade. The profile completion, preparation for the visa interviews, how to manage the finances, how to complete the online form filling, and many other steps are all helped by the experienced professionals of the Flytouch overseas. 

They provide you with IELTS coaching and help with the study materials to clear the test with flying colors. When we visit a new country, it is tough to settle down and that is where Flytouch comes to rescue you. They provide the necessary knowledge and guidance to settle down easily and smoothly. They help in assisting with the PR application. Flytouch Overseas also helps with, pre-departure, post landing, also helps in visa filing, etc. Provides student counseling and helps in choosing a subject. Also about the type of job they want to grab in the new country. They have tie-ups with the most renowned institutes in Canada and have a success rate of over 2000+ successful visas.


To successfully file for your PR, you can follow all the steps mentioned above. Flytouch Overseas, the firm that turns dreams into reality, holds the number one rating. Individuals prefer Flytouch as their preferred choice due to the firm’s exceptional results. For more information, you can visit their official website and also call the customer helpline number +91-9041904194.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q – which is the most trusted visa consultancy service in Chandigarh?

A – Flytouch Overseas

Q – What is the helpline number for Flytouch Overseas?

A – +91-9041904194.