Top 10 Immigration Consultants In India For Canada Australia

चंडीगढ़ में शीर्ष 10 वीज़ा सलाहकार

Top 10 Immigration Consultants in India for Canada AustraliaAre you strategising to go on an international journey but find the immigration procedure intimidating? The complexity of policies and processes can be immense. To make sure about a versatile and successful transformation, it’s important to enlist the assistance of seasoned immigration consultants. It is important that selecting the right consultant is paramount. This article shows the top 10 immigration consultants in India for Canada and Australia, offering comprehensive information to assist you in making an informed decision.

Getting board on a journey to study or settle abroad can be an adventurous yet complicated endeavour. Going through the complex web of immigration processes and policies demands not only dedication but also professional guidance. In India, where dreams take flight, selecting the right immigration consultant is important for a successful venture.

Immigration has been an immense topic for a lot of years in India. As many individuals dream of moving abroad for a successful life and career, the demand for immigration consultants has grown. So we have made this a little convenient as here is the list of the Top 10 Immigration Consultants in India for Canada Australia.

Top 10 Immigration Consultants in India for Canada Australia

1.   Flytouch Overseas – A Decade of Excellence

For a decennary, Flytouch Overseas has been a consistent player in the immigration industry, providing unparalleled solutions to customers. With global excellence, they specialize in assisting students intending to study in Australia and Canada. The consultancy’s well-instructed counsellors conduct thorough profile assessments, ensuring clients receive the most tailored and beneficial advice.

Beyond study visas, Flytouch Overseas adeptly handles various immigration matters, including visitor permits and dependent visas. Their diverse and high-quality service offerings have solidified their reputation as the premier immigration consultants in Chandigarh, attracting clients seeking comprehensive and reliable assistance in navigating the complexities of international relocation.

Why Choose Flytouch Overseas?

  • Student counselling: Personalized guidance for students.
  • Visa filing assistance: Navigating the documentation process.
  • Profile assessment: Ensuring tailored advice.
  • Top-quality services: Commitment to excellence.
  • Affordable price: Quality assistance without breaking the bank.
  • Great outreach: Serving a global clientele.
  • 2600+ successful visas: A testament to their efficacy.

Services Offered

  • Study visa
  • Visitor permit
  • Dependent visa
  • Pre-departure services
  • Post-landing services

Address: SCO 118-120 Basement, Sector 34-A Chandigarh

2.   Blue Sapphire Consultants – A Proven Track Record

Why Choose Blue Sapphire Consultants?

  • Reputed Consultants: A name synonymous with success.
  • Post visa services: Comprehensive assistance post-approval.
  • High success rate: Ensuring positive outcomes.
  • Transparent work: Open and honest processes.
  • Authentic: Providing genuine solutions.
  • Future: Guiding towards a brighter tomorrow.

Services Offered

  • Study visa
  • Permanent Residency
  • IELTS coaching

3.   West Highlander – 15+ Years of Excellence

Why Choose West Highlander?

  • Education loan assistance: Supporting your academic pursuits.
  • Airport Pickup: Ensuring a smooth arrival.
  • Accommodation: Helping you settle in comfortably.
  • Best consultation: Tailored advice for diverse needs.
  • Highly reliable: Building trust over 15+ years.
  • Positive testimonials: Satisfied clients vouch for their services.
  • High rating: Recognized for excellence.

Services Offered

  • Study visa
  • Spouse visa
  • PR visa
  • Work visa
  • Family visa
  • Job seeker visa

4.   IBT Overseas – Guiding Your Success

Why Choose IBT Overseas?

  • Experienced staff: Over 11 years of expertise.
  • Best consultation: Tailored advice for each individual.
  • 100% success rate: Proven track record in visa approvals.
  • Authentic: Reliable and accredited services.
  • No counseling cost: Transparent and cost-effective.
  • Punctual: Timely guidance for visa filing.
  • Utmost privacy: Confidential handling of your information.
  • Transparent visa filing: Clear and honest documentation process.
  • Career Guidance: Beyond visas, assisting in shaping your future.

Services Offered

  • Student visa
  • Work visa
  • Business visa
  • Family visa
  • Tourist visa
  • PR Visa

5.   Asia Pacific Group – Crafting Success Stories Since 2009

Why Choose Asia Pacific Group?

  • Experienced staff: Certified and professional counselors.
  • Immediate responses: Timely and efficient communication.
  • Easy payment options: Facilitating hassle-free transactions.
  • Affordable fee: Quality services at reasonable costs.
  • Successful track record: Over 50,000 success stories.
  • High-speed application processing: Swift and efficient services.

Services Offered

  • Study visa
  • PTE
  • Migration

6.   Canam Group – Nurturing Dreams Since 1995

Why Choose Canam Group?

  • Integrity: Upholding ethical standards.
  • Client-centric: Prioritizing client needs.
  • Personalized guidance: Tailoring advice for individual cases.
  • Collaborative staff: Working closely with clients.
  • Excellent services: Delivering quality solutions.
  • Responsive staff: Quick and effective responses.
  • 26+ offices: A widespread network.

Services Offered

  • Study visa
  • Institute selection
  • Pre-departure assistance
  • Scholarship assistance

7.   Sunrise Immigration Consultants – 30+ Years of Trust

Why Choose Sunrise Immigration Consultants?

  • 30+ years of experience: A legacy of expertise.
  • Professional and experienced faculty: Trained and knowledgeable staff.
  • Top-quality services: Ensuring excellence in every aspect.
  • ISO-certified: Meeting international standards.
  • High success rate: A 90% success rate in student visas.
  • Trusted by clients: A 99% client satisfaction rate.
  • Transparent filing process: Open and honest procedures.

Services Offered

  • Study visa
  • Skilled migration
  • Professional migration
  • Legal services

8.   WWICS Immigration Group – Global Expertise Since 1995

Why Choose WWICS Immigration Group?

  • Years of experience: Over two decades of expertise.
  • Professional staff: Competent and skilled counselors.
  • Quick responses: Prompt and efficient communication.
  • Free assessment: Offering clarity on eligibility and requirements.
  • Fast application process: Streamlining visa applications.
  • Affordable service fee: Quality services at reasonable costs.
  • 25+ years of experience: A proven track record.

Services Offered

  • Study visa
  • Career counseling
  • Pre-landing services
  • Post-landing services
9.   Oceanic Consultants – Where Experience Meets Excellence

Why Choose Oceanic Consultants?

  • Free consultation: Providing initial guidance without cost.
  • Years of experience: Over two decades in the industry.
  • Complete assistance: Comprehensive support throughout the process.
  • Cooperative staff: A team dedicated to your success.
  • High success rate: Delivering positive outcomes consistently.
  • Authentic: Providing genuine and reliable solutions.
  • Best immigration solutions: Tailored advice for success.

Services Offered

  • Study visa
  • Course selection
  • Travel arrangements
  • Free Assessment
10.                 Edwise Consultants – Bridging Dreams and Reality

Why Choose Edwise Consultants?

  • 99% visa success rate: Ensuring a high probability of approval.
  • Experienced and trained counselors: A team of skilled professionals.
  • Top-notch career counseling: Guiding towards a successful future.
  • Personalized attention: Tailoring services to individual needs.
  • Award-winning institution: Recognized for excellence.
  • Affordable services: Quality assistance without breaking the bank.

Services Offered

  • Student visa
  • Admission guidance
  • Financial assistance
  • Travel assistance
  • Post-landing services
FAQs on Top 10 Immigration Consultants in India for Canada Australia

Ques 1) Does Flytouch Overseas provide services related to work visa?

Ans: Yes, Flytouch Overseas provides services related to work visas.

Ques 2) what is the visa success rate of Flytouch Overseas Consultants?

Ans: The visa success rate of Flytouch Consultants is 99%.


In conclusion, these top immigration consultants in India stand as pillars of support for individuals aspiring to make their mark on the global stage. Their expertise, transparency, and commitment to client success make them reliable partners on your journey to new beginnings. Choose wisely, and may your dreams find wings to soar.