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Canada PR Consultants In ChandigarhEvery year thousands of individuals dream of settling in a new place. Some go in search of new opportunities, some want to join their existing families, some go for higher studies, and for many other reasons. Canada is home to thousands of Indians and every year Canada provides new PR to existing Indians and new ones living in Canada. These immigration processes are hectic and technical and require proper guidance from experienced professionals. 

Flytouch Overseas is a visa consultancy firm that deals in visas, immigration, PR, and other services. They are top PR consultants in Chandigarh and guide you step by step in immigration-related services. If you have decided to go and settle in a new country it’s a very good decision, to convert that decision into reality Flytouch Overseas is the best PR consultant in the city. We will go through the key features of getting PR in Canada and will discuss the services of Flytouch overseas.

Different ways to get PR in Canada 

  • If you want to get PR in Canada you will have to apply through different entry programs offered by the government of Canada.
  • There are various programs, like express entry, sponsorship by the family, PNPs, and many others. 
  • The qualification you have done also plays a major role in deciding your PR points.
  • If you have work experience in Canada or outside Canada, then also a plus point in getting a PR.
  • Also depends on the nature of your job, some jobs in Canada offer early and easy PR  because of the demand in that particular sector in highi.
  • The English proficiency test is also a crucial factor. If the marks obtained come under the line set by the govt then it’s a plus point for getting your file recognised.
  • Another step is where your profile is assessed by the govt of Canada, if they approve that then you are eligible for the invitation to apply. 
  • This is one step closer to finally getting the PR.
  • Next, you can book the ticket and land in the country before the time mentioned in the PR letter.

Getting PR in Canada is a very good opportunity. One can have access to all the perks under permanent residency and can have access to new jobs, and new sectors. this helps in the growth of one’s personality and character. Flytocu Overseas provides you with the opportunity to get a piece of proper knowledge of getting PR in Canada. 

Why choose Flytouch Overseas?

Experience – Success Rate

  • They have been working as a PR consultant in Chandigarh for decades.
  • Their popularity in the Tricity is the result of their hard work and genuine delivery of knowledge.
  • The working professionals are highly experienced and have the proper and latest knowledge.
  • The visa success rate is well over 3700.
  • Helps in every step during the PR filing.
  • There are many different steps PR process and it’s tough for an individual to complete them.
  • The counselor guides about the documents required. 
  • They also tell about the different ways by which one can get PR easily in Canada.
  • The guidance is personal. Every customer gets an experienced counselor.

Decade of expeience – Certificates 

  • There are different certificates, work experience letters, and Letters of Recommendation which is required to successfully apply for the PR.
  • They have an experienced staff of IELTS tutors which helps in providing the best possible guidance and coaching. The IELTS coaching is always recommended to get an extra edge.
  • They also provide student counseling. In these sessions, a proper assessment of the person is done.
  • A lot of important questions are asked to properly know about the vision of the customer 
  • This helps the counselor to guide the individual properly.
  • They have tie-ups with the best universities and colleges in the world and make it easy for the students to get their offer letters.
  • Filling out the application form requires expertise. 
  • Flytouch has certified visa filing officers who have years of experience in filing for immigration services.
  • They also help during pre-departure and post-departure.
  • Shifting to a new country is tough and one might feel the heat of the change, new culture, language barrier, and many other challenges.
  • Flytouch helps in each aspect and provides a very good experience for the customer.
  • They have tie-ups with 200+ universities and colleges.
  • Some customers want to move to canada to find a job. the experienced team of professionals has the knowledge of job sector in canada. They guide you to find a job with handsome salaries.
  • The PR consultancy provides genuine information and has no intention of misleading the customers.
  • The number one choice for the PR consultancy in Chandigarh is Flytouch Overseas.


There is no harm in asking for help when one does not have proper knowledge about a particular subject. Going to settle in Canada requires a lot of expenses and we all have earned money the hard way. There are more chances of becoming successful in life if we have proper guidance at every step. A mentor who can guide us in hard times is a must-have. To successfully get the PR of the Canada. Flytouch Overseas is that mentor who guides us and helps us until we reach our goal. They have offices in the city. One can directly visit the office and can also call on their customer helpline number ie +91-9041904194.

Q – Which is the best PR consultancy service in Chandigarh?

A – Flytouch Overseas is the best PR consultancy service in Chandigarh

Q – What is the customer helpline of Flytouch Overseas?

A – +91-90419-04194