Canada PR Consultants In Zirakpur

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Canada PR Consultants In Zirakpur Thousands of people dream of moving to a new location each year. Many people travel for a variety of reasons, including higher education, and family reunification, some migrate due to war-like situations, and many are in pursuit of new opportunities. There are thousands of Indians living in Canada, and each year the country grants permanent residence to these people. These complicated and time-consuming immigration procedures call for competent advice from qualified experts. 

Immigration, PR, visa consulting, and other services are handled by Flytouch Overseas. They provide step-by-step guidance on immigration-related services and are among the best PR consultants in Chandigarh. Deciding to move to a new country and settle down is a very wise decision which one can make. Now is the time to make that decision a reality with the help of Flytouch PR consultants 

Ways To Get PR In Canada

  • The government of Canada has always welcomed Indians with open arms. 
  • They know that Indian people are hard workers and can help their country to reach new heights.
  •  There are different entry programs that one can apply through to get entry into Canada and get permanent residency.
  • Express Entry, PNP, and other programs can help you reach your goal of settling down in Canada.
  • Navigating through the express entry serves as the primary route for bridging the gap and reaching your desired destination.
  • Also, the education certificates, and education you have pursued play a key role in getting early PR.
  • The test of English proficiency is also critical. It’s a plus if the grades fall below the government-established line.
  • The certified professionals will check your certificates and will decide where you need improvement or if they are all fulfilling the standards set by the Canadian government.
  • Additionally, depending on the nature of the work, certain jobs in Canada provide early and simple PR due to high demand in that specific industry.

Getting into a country that is growing so rapidly in every direction is a dream come true for all the visitors. A country with endless opportunities in every area is a step that is worth taking.

Why choose Flytouch Overseas?

100 Percent PR Success Rate

  • They are the best visa consultancy in Zirakpur because of the successful PR they have provided for thousands of aspirants
  • Professionals with decades of experience in PR consultancy lead the organization, providing accurate information on all fronts
  • They have ties with 200+ colleges and universities and are known for providing one-to-one assistance.
  • The teacher or the tutor guides about the list of documents required by the Canadian government to apply for permanent residency.
  • One-on-one counseling will help to find out the best possible route to apply and to get PR.
  • Every customer gets their very own personal guidance from the most experienced professionals.
  • Also, they guide you about the things you need to bring, like certificates from your previous companies, recommendation letters from your previous teachers, etc.
  • Additionally, they offer counselling to students. A thorough evaluation of the individual is completed during these sessions.
  • Many crucial questions are asked to fully understand the customer’s vision. 
  • This aids in the counselor’s ability to properly guide the client.
  • They have successfully provided visa and PR to 3700+ customers and the list is ever-increasing.
  • Taking expert advice in filling out the form on the official website needs expertise. Certain areas are confusing and one needs to ask the officers to correctly fill out the form.


  • They provide other facilities like before departure and after reaching the country.
  • The medical tests, the amount that needs to be shown in our bank account, and other fees are all crucial steps that need to be handled with care. 
  • We are investing a huge amount in our future and this should start on a good note.
  • Due to their extensive experience, the consultancies have a minimal chance of anything going wrong.
  • If we try and do it on our own the chances of mistakes increase and also there is a chance we might lose our hard-earned money
  • Flytouch Overseas has decades of experience and can be your best guidance to successfully hover yourself to canada.
  • There is plenty of information which is very hard for an individual to find all by itself.
  • We spend huge on other non-important things but we always not invest in our future. 
  • Flytouch overseas charges you the genuine amount in this process and provides you with more quality and industry-based knowledge.
  • For over a decade, they have consistently held the top position in the Tricity, remaining the preferred choice for PR consultations and continuing to be regarded as the best.
  • One can call their customer helpline to receive elaboration on points not mentioned. Applying for PR requires addressing various aspects that need careful consideration
  • You can visit the office or can call and get detailed information.
  • Once you get in contact with the counselor they will assist you 24 seven and will accompany you and help you till you get your PR card.


Shifting to a new place is hard, and one should always choose the hard. If we want to go far in life we should always choose someone as our mentor. In this case, Flytouch overseas is our mentor who can guide our way toward getting PR in Canada. They are the best PR consultancy service in Zirakpur and are a preferred choice for all the people who want to go to Canada for settlement.